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Comstrilly reviews trustpilot

Are you searching about Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot to know what the company is about and what are their reviews on Trustpilot? Read this article to find out more information about Comstrilly. Okay, let’s find out if Comstrilly is a scam or a legit company.

Using the power of online reviews and business analysis, we, the Codespva are showing how Comstrilly perform in Trustpilot and should you rely on them or not.

What is Comstrilly?

Comstrilly is an online shopping store (URL: offering dressing products. It is founded on 2020 and it told itself as a trusted clothing retailer. It says its parent company is “Meledo company limited” on its contact us page.

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is an online review site where people post reviews about a brand or business. Trustpilot is over a decade ago and it is one of the leading review sites now. Every day, people are taking help from it by reading the reviews. Reviews enable a person to choose the right brand for their needs. For example, Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot always tells us to stay away from it.

Comstrilly legit

Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot is full of negative reviews. Their trustscore is only 1.5 when writing this article. This means Comstrilly is one of the suspicious companies. They behave like a scam. Their parent company runs Dahai. Today, Smolpop, Jomolove, AheadStore6, Eranal, IdealShopy, Ulasion, ArobboOnline, Bertramcs, Christmas-SalesToday, NeousStore, TigerTeethStore, MickieStore, RinewthoStore, DirekenStore, SundeckStore, CercibaStore, Incharmer, Zenmary, Fancyclothes4u, Mimuco, Blaseme, Gensme, Vinzilly, Warmcute, MoedateTop, TiraMallOnline, here no name of Comstrilly. So, we can consider Comstrilly as not trusted. Hence we are not recommending you buy anything from this store.

If you feel it will be interesting to read the reviews of your own then you can go to and search for Comstrilly. You can see lots of dissatisfied customers putting fake reviews. Their trustscore is also not good. Overall Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot will not give you any good feelings about this online store.

Domain age is one of the key things to consider to judge the reliability of an online business. is not old to rely on.

Their website has lake contact details. Even if they provide email or owner information, they do not provide any contact details.

The social media presence of Comstrilly is not good at all. Although social media icons are placed on their website, links are broken. Also, their website contents are not unique and are plagiarized from another website. All these things indicated that is not a legit company.

Comstrilly reviews

Firstly we are not allowed to show you any reviews of this website, you can see them on your own. Here are some overviews of the reviews, In Trustpilot, nearly 100% of reviews say they are not good at all and all of them are forbidding purchasing from this shop. Also, on Facebook, it got 1 out of 5 stars and some buyers mentioned that they are a complete fraud. Some of them are complaining that they are not received their products whereas some of them complaining about the low-quality products.

Comstrilly reviews trustpilot and its significance.

Trustpilot is always helping to detect businesses like Comstrilly that are scams or unfaithful. In Trustpilot, a customer can warn other potential customers. Reviews sites like Trustpilot always keep important in the world of digital business.

After the establishment of Trustpilot in 2007, thousands of businesses got reviews about their service here. Now, consumers are posting over 3 million reviews every day. Millions of people are taking help from Trustpilot every day by directly visiting it or through Google search so that they can stay away from bad businesses.

Our verdict – Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot

By considering and analyzing the available data, we should not rely on With trustscore 1.5, they are already the lowest rating business. Even their provided content is copied). They have lots of unhappy customers and it is visible that they are not taking any action to improve their service (if they provide any service at all). So, you should not expect a good experience from them. Stay safe from it.

There are lots of online businesses that are fake nowadays. Thus you should always read the reviews about a business to know about other experiences before you experience it. This is a good choice not to risk your money when others already losing it from their pocket.

How to know if my Trustpilot review is real

If your business starting to get reviews like Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot, you have nothing to fear till you are doing the right thing. You can mark the fake reviews Trustpilot. If you are running a business, then you should always check if your competitors are responsible for the negative reviews or fake reviews in your Trustpilot.

Here are some tips that might be useful to judge the reviews in Trustpilot.

  • Look for the time gap between the reviews. If a business gets lots of reviews in a short time, then they are possibly fake reviews.
  • Look for other kinds of reviews. Check if the review has a profile name or not. If the reviews don’t have the name of the profile and don’t have a profile picture, then they might be fake reviews.
  • Check for the language and grammar, fake reviewers usually use automated tools to post the reviews. They are usually poor at using language and grammar.

Besides all of these, you should know that Trustpilot has more than 50 individuals working to detect fraud reviews every day. They have implemented 25+ fraud detection robots and they send whistleblower notifications that can help you to detect fake reviews.

Buy Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot

Buying Trustpilot reviews is a solution if your business starts getting hit by too many negative reviews. You can buy positive reviews in Trustpilot so that you can balance the two types of reviews. Because Comstrilly has too many negative reviews in Trustpilot, people know they are scams and should stay away from them. Even if your business is legit, sometimes your competitors might give you negative reviews Trustpilot to decrease your sales. Buy Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot to ensure 100% sustainability of your business.


Comstrilly reviews Trustpilot are so bad to rely on. There are lots of businesses of this type you have to stay away from. Trustpilot and other review platforms are the weapons you should always use to make the right choice. Codespva is a digital marketing agency that always aimed to make its customers safe from danger. If you are a business owner check out our deals that can be useful for your business. We are happy to serve you.


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