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Are you a business owner and you are struggling to grow your reputation or have you been in business for a long time but now business is not going well? You have many good reviews, but customers don’t want to believe them or they are in doubt. But if you want a normal look for your customers then buy negative Google reviews. Bad Google reviews will multiply your business exposure to your customers and you will be very profitable. So, buy negative reviews google to push your business to new heights of success. This is a great strategy that business owners choose to maintain their reputation and credibility among their customers. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Google review packages. We help you buy negative Google reviews to make your business more trustworthy.

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Buy negative google reviews

In the present time, the internet is must use tool for businesses. You must use Google for various purposes if your business is online. Business without google is nearly impossible. Buy negative google reviews is also a business strategy that helps business owners to help them to survive in the competition. Reviews are already playing an important role in earning trust and reputation from consumers. However, a negative google review can also destroy someone’s reputation. If you are here to buy negative reviews google or are interested in how negative google reviews help businesses, this article will take you to your decision.

Definition of a negative google review

The negative review tells others about the poor experience of a customer with a business. There can be two types of negative reviews, good negative reviews, and bad negative reviews. A good negative review expresses everything bad about a business or product and also may contain suggestions to improve it. The good negative reviews help business owners to improve their businesses so that the same situation does not arise again. We always recommend you buy negative google reviews which is good. The negativity of this type of review can be reduced by replying to the negative reviewers which shows other customers that you are an active business owner.

Bad reviews are when a customer does not explain anything, just throws some bad negative words. This type of review doesn’t help businesses to improve them, instead, this type of review is highly effective to destroy the customer base of a business. You can take negative reviews of this type if you want to destroy your competitors and take their customers.

Why should you buy negative google reviews?

I know, most of you are wondering why do you buy negative google reviews for yourself? Isn’t it hamper your reputation? The answer is, that not everything is perfect. Everything okay gives a signal to the customer to sense something fishy. Spammers don’t have any negative google reviews. So if your google my business page contains one or two negative reviews, your business page will get a more realistic look. It will help your customer to mark you as not spammer hence it will end up increasing your customer. Moreover, replying to negative reviews is a way to let others show you are active. So, don’t underestimate buying negative google reviews.

  • Your business page will get a realistic look by having negative google reviews on your GMB page.
  • It will prevent your competitor’s growth.
  • Buy negative google reviews will attract more customers to you.
  • Helps you to increase the conversation rate.
  • Using negative reviews, you can make positive reviews more reliable.

Another point of view is, that negative Google reviews on your competitor’s business pages can give you more customers. People feel uncomfortable buying from businesses with 4 or more negative google reviews. Negative Google reviews are able to reduce the 70% conversion rate.

Buy bad google reviews

As stated earlier, bad google reviews are as important as positive google reviews to maintain the realistic look of your GMB page. Buying reviews is one of those strategies that have a high success rate. Positive Google reviews can only work on your side. You should not use it for your competitors. Buy bad google reviews can be used on both sides. Bad google reviews can take down your competitors and let your consumers give you a chance.

Sometimes, what many businesses are is experiencing, that they already have big competitors and even if your product or services is better than theirs, you are not getting enough customers. People love to choose the one who has a high reputation already. You should buy bad google reviews for your competitors. People feel uncomfortable with a business who have large negative reviews. Choosing this strategy can be your savior. Buy negative google reviews now.

Negative reviews give business owners a chance to show their politeness. According to Forbes, politeness increases the chance of your business being chosen by others. So buy bad google reviews to take a chance of showing yourself polite and active.

Bad google reviews will give your startup an initial boost.

It is very tough for the new business to get enough customers not to give a loss. Here negative google reviews come to play. Buying negative google reviews for your competitors will take them down and give you a chance to survive the business game. It is a great strategy startup owners are choosing. Of this, competitors’ customers will feel hesitant to choose them again, they will choose you instead. Take this opportunity and serve better to claim this customer permanently yours.

How buy bad reviews impacts your SEO?

Are your competitors taking Google’s search position before yours for a long time? Purchasing negative google reviews can be a great asset. Buy some reviews for your competitors.

Google cares about the user experience so much. They are not interested to show a business with a poor user experience. Google’s natural language processing algorithm scans for the negative reviews of all time. Negative reviews are one of the reasons to lose the SERP position.

There are review sites on the internet like Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. Google scans them too. But when the negative reviews are on Google’s own product, Google will take it seriously. So, buy negative google reviews for your competitors to improve your SEO rankings.

Types of negative reviews Google not allow for any business.

Google sometimes takes action against some negative reviews. So buy bad google reviews carefully from an experienced agency like us so that your reviews stick to the business. Also, you should avoid buying this type of review. Let me mention some of them.

  1. Illegal and racist reviews: Google not allow these types of reviews in any condition. If your business page has this type of review, Google will remove it or you should report it so that google removes it. Never try to buy negative google reviews of this type in any condition. This type of review spread hate and violence.
  2. Negative reviews for several related businesses: Google thinks this type of review is not legit. They remove it in 1/2 weeks if reported.
  3. Negative reviews for an agenda: Sometimes, people post negative reviews from their accounts and also create multiple accounts or use accounts of their relatives to post negative reviews. If this is to fulfill any agenda, google will remove it if reported. Buy bad google reviews from an experienced provider so that your reviews look completely natural.
  4. Irrelevant reviews: If the negative review posted is irrelevant, it will be removed.

Always beware of buying negative google reviews of this type. Because business owners can remove it by reporting. Also, keep in mind that only the best-experienced review provider like us can give you totally safe 100% non-drop bad google reviews in a fast delivery time.

Benefits you get when you buy negative google reviews.

Negative Google reviews on your business page will give you certain advantages. By using those negative reviews, you can show your stamina and activeness to your real customers. The Internet is full of spammers. So if you google my business page doesn’t contain any negative reviews, people will be confused. Having 1 or 2 negative reviews actually is a good thing. It provides more naturalism to your GMB page.

If you are buying bad google reviews of your competitors, here is how it will help you. First of all, it will give you more visibility among your targeted local customer because people will not interested to buy from a business if it has 4 or more four negative reviews. So, your customer base will grow. This strategy is helpful to create a level playing field. Sometimes even if your service or product is better than others, people will not choose you just because you don’t have enough reputation over your competitors. I know it is frustrating. This problem has only two solutions, (1) wait too long and see how your reputation increases slowly. (2) Buy bad google reviews for your competitors and take their customers like yours.

Consider a scenario when your competitors buy negative reviews for you. What should you do? You know google will not remove fake google reviews if it does not explicitly violate their policy. You have now one door open. Buy negative google reviews for your competitors so that you can keep balance in the market.

If your page has some negative reviews, people will think positive reviews on this page are posted by satisfied customers as they also have some dissatisfied customers. But the reality is you don’t have any dissatisfied customers. So buy bad google reviews to take the advantage of it.

How to buy negative google reviews?

Yes, you can buy negative google reviews. It is so simple. Buying reviews is one of those strategies that will bring you success rapidly. We all know that making a business popular among the customer base is tough and time costly. Only buying the negative reviews can do this fast. People nowadays don’t buy anything without researching on google. So if they found negative google reviews, they will look for an alternative and you are the best alternative they can choose. It is time to taste your success.

After seeing all of this, you might be wondering how to purchase negative google reviews. Most of your competitors are most likely to do this kind of stuff already to beat you. So it is very logical to buy some for you. You can buy bad google reviews from us in some very simple steps. You’ll buy them from us because we are providing this service and maintaining our reputation for years. If you are interested, choose your desired plan > add it to your card > pay for it. After this, we will do everything for you. You don’t have to take any hassle, just relax. Your all information is secured with us. Don’t worry.

How to handle negative google reviews?

Like you can buy some negative google reviews for your competitors, your competitors can also buy some for you. Moreover, naturally, you can have some negative reviews. You have to handle them very carefully so that the effect of negative google is minimized. Here are some tips to handle them.

  1. Don’t fear negative google reviews: You should always tell your customer to leave a review even if it is possible that your customer can leave a negative review. Having any kind of review on your GMB page shows others that you have a large number of customers and it is okay to have one or two negative google reviews.
  2. Reply to every negative review: It is very important to give a reply to every single negative review. Because it helps your business prove active in the market. 53% of negative reviews expect replies to their reviews.
  3. Be respectful to the negative reviewers: Never blame your customer, take everything on yourself. This will help your customer to have a positive feeling. Solve the reported issues as soon as possible. Because your next customer will want to see whether the issues are solved or not. So, hurry up.

Is it legal to pay for negative Google reviews?

The laws for the buy negative reviews google are unclear. Because negative reviews have no selling purpose. They just posted on google to warn other customers. So, you should always buy them from an experienced agency that can maintain rules and regulations and safely sell negative google reviews.

You should also keep in mind that, you have to do this so accurately so that customers think it is real. Otherwise, it will bring you no light.

Benefits you will get if you buy negative google reviews from us.

We are a team of really experienced talented people who are constantly serving our customers every day. Our customer satisfaction survey gives us confidence about our customer satisfaction rate which is always more than 98%. We are always committed to your success and safety. Quality first is our motto. You will always get 100% non-drop quality google negative reviews.

  1. We have an always-online customer support team. They are available for any of your needs and they can give you the proper solution to your problem.
  2. We give 100% non-drop reviews with a review replacement guarantee if any of them drops. So you will satisfy with what you are paying for.
  3. We are aware of every google algorithm update. So we know how to approach any situation and solve it efficiently.
  4. We will give you 100% realistic negative reviews by analyzing the business data and user experiences.
  5. All of your information will be handled by an expert hand. So, your information is completely safe with us and will be deleted after an order is completed if you wish.
  6. We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our google review services.
  7. We will give you the necessary guidelines on this path.
  8. We can handle any situation with our hands so that you don’t have to face any hassle.
  9. We always maintain competitive google negative review pricing.

Buy negative reviews from us and we will do the rest for you.

How do we prepare the negative reviews?

Many review service providers just write some random negative words or use bots to write reviews. But we are different. We analyze all the information you give to us. We inspect all previous reviews and then write the reviews carefully by our experienced writers. So, you will not get some random stuff but you will get quality relevant reviews.

Google always removes irrelevant negative reviews if reported. So it is very important to maintain relevant reviews. Writing relevant negative reviews is tough without experiencing it. Our team does this so fluently because they know how to analyze information to extract information.

Frequently asked questions about buying negative google reviews (FAQ).

Will my reviews drop?

No, we give reviews in such a way that it looks completely natural and relevant. So even if it is reported, it is unlikely that Google remove it. To ensure you, we are giving a 100% review replacement guarantee if any of the reviews drop.

How much time you will take to deliver my order completely?

We start processing your order as soon as you pay for it. It usually takes 24 to 72 hours based on your order size. We also place a gap between two reviews posted to ensure the natural timestamp of the reviews.

Is it safe to buy negative google reviews?

Yes, it is completely safe as far as you buy them from an experienced provider like us. Lots of business owners already buying this type of review to maintain a competitive market.


Buying negative google reviews is a great strategy. When traditional marketing methods like tv and social media ads are losing their hype, buying google reviews are getting into the hype. You will lose a great opportunity to win the competition if you do not buy google reviews. Buy negative google reviews to take your competitors’ customers. The significance of positive google reviews is visually easy to understand whereas negative google reviews are not. But sometimes, when used properly, negative Google reviews can be as equal or more effective than positive reviews.


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