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If you have a business on Facebook and have a lot of good reviews that doesn’t seem natural to others. So if you want it to look natural and customers believe it, you need good reviews as well as negative reviews. So, Buy negative Facebook reviews now which will make your business look normal and more credible and you will profit. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Facebook review packages. We help you Buy negative Facebook reviews for more famous and profitable business!

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Buy negative Facebook reviews

Facebook is the world’s largest social media website, a community where you can find people of every profession, type, and race. So business owners are choosing Facebook as their most efficient way of marketing their business. Because Facebook has more than 1 billion monthly active users it enables a business to reach a huge number of people in a short time. Facebook negative reviews are a way of marketing using which you can build or destroy the reputation of the businesses in a short time. If your intention is to buy negative Facebook reviews, you are at the right place. We are selling negative Facebook reviews at an affordable price.

Why Facebook is so important for your business?

Facebook is just social media, right? How social media can be so effective for the improvement of your business? It is not like LinkedIn – a professional network. But, your business is with the public, you produce and distribute your service and product among the people. Most of us in the world start our social media journey by creating a new Facebook account. So almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays.

After starting with the Hand of Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004, Facebook is the leading social media website. Facebook is not only a site for posting photos, statuses, and getting likes and comments. Facebook is a way of communicating with society, a way of spreading your business. By building a good reputation in the Facebook community, you can reach a huge amount of audience who might be interested in your business niche. Buy negative Facebook reviews can act their own role in the community. Negativity spreads faster than positivity on Facebook. You can use this power to grow your business.

What are negative Facebook reviews?

Negative reviews are the pieces of text that are placed on a business page saying the bad experience of a customer. Negative Facebook reviews express the negative experiences of a customer. So, this type of review is a powerful weapon of a business owner. It might be difficult to get how the negative Facebook reviews can work for you. You will see as I will explain throughout this article.

Buy Facebook negative reviews

Buying negative Facebook reviews can be your savior if you are not getting enough customers to survive in the competition. Are your competitors taking all of the markets? You are not getting a chance to prove your potential? Buy bad Facebook reviews for your competitors. Negative reviews have the power of taking customers of your competitors and giving them to you.

As stated earlier, negativity spreads faster than positivity. If your competitor’s page has negative reviews, customers will not feel comfortable buying from them. More than 94% of customer says they will not buy from a business if they see negative reviews on their business page. Besides, this customer will tell others not to buy from it. In this way, your competitors will get a huge drop in the conversion rate. Buy negative Facebook reviews will give you a chance to balance the competition. It is necessary because of your survival in the market.

Benefits you get if you buy negative Facebook reviews

You should always know about the benefits of the product when you purchase this item. If you take our negative Facebook reviews you will get the best experience from us than our competitors are able to give you. After your reviews are posted here are the changes it will make,

  1. Will increase your traffic, because you can buy negative Facebook reviews for your competitors.
  2. You can balance the positive and negative reviews ratio on your Facebook business page.
  3. Your page will get a more realistic look.
  4. Our expert team will always give you support to achieve your goal.

Should you respond to negative Facebook reviews?

Yes, obviously. Ignoring negative Facebook reviews will increase the negative effect of the negative reviews. 53% of customers expect a reply within a week. Over 80% of customers reported that business owners do not reply to their negative reviews. The number is not low. But, the customer feels good about the business who get replies from the business owners. Customers love to see the problem solved. This increases the chance that this customer will buy again from your business. So, you must reply to the negative reviews to convert the negativity into positivity. If you buy negative Facebook reviews, you also have to do this for better results. Because if you do this, your other customer will see you as an active business owner which helps to increase your reputation.

We know, that replying to negative reviews is hard. Take a deep breath and start with an apology, it will make things easier. Never try to blame the customer, take everything to yourself. Solve the problem they reported. Then notify them by replying again. If you buy negative Facebook reviews, it is easy to reply to them, and this way you can showcase the feature of your business by replying to the negative reviews.

Can you buy fake reviews on Facebook?

Buy negative Facebook reviews doesn’t mean fake reviews on Facebook. Yes, you can buy Fake reviews. Fake reviews are irrelevant reviews that are out of your business context. Instead, we suggest you buy negative Facebook reviews. It will give your Facebook business page reliability without any risk of getting banned. If your business page has positive reviews, then having negative reviews will give the existing positive reviews a realistic look. Did you know, if you have too many positive reviews without any negative reviews, your conversion rate will be reduced day by day? Because people trust that everything is not perfect. So if your business page is 100% perfect, they will mark your business page as a potential spamming page.

Buy bad reviews Facebook.

Facebook always runs its anomaly detection algorithm over Facebook pages. Facebook detects anomaly if your business page doesn’t contain any negative reviews, yes it depends on some parameters too. If your business page has both types of reviews, it will look natural to Facebook’s algorithm. Buy negative Facebook reviews will give you a space where you can showcase your features of the business.

How to buy negative Facebook reviews?

Buying negative Facebook reviews is not hard, however, choosing the right provider for your business is very hard. Because, if Facebook somehow detect poorly provided reviews, they can permanently ban your Facebook business page which will be not good at all.

If you got the right provider for you, choose the plan you want to buy, then confirm the order. But here is some good news for you! We are a digital marketing agency working for years providing quality negative Facebook reviews for your business page. You can choose us as your right digital marketing partner.

If you buy negative Facebook reviews from us, we will provide you best services among the services money can buy at an affordable price. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Our 24/7 hours support team will always work alongside you. They are dedicated to your every problem and you will never feel alone with us.
  • We always write the best quality reviews by humans, so you can feel the natural look of the reviews.
  • We can give both constructive and destructive reviews, and choose the right package for you. By default, you will be given constructive reviews.
  • We maintain the male-female ratio.
  • All the review posting accounts are actively used for more than one year.
  • We can give you reviews from any location you want. By default, we get the reviews from USA locations.
  • We are giving you a 100% non-drop guarantee.

Buy negative Facebook reviews by choosing our available packages. We give you the most affordable pricing on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to buy negative Facebook reviews?

Yes, buying negative Facebook reviews is completely safe as long as you buy them from an experienced agency like us.

Will my reviews drop?

No, we always give you 100% non-drop reviews.

How my review is written?

We write the reviews by hand. No reviews are written by the bot. Because we believe bot can’t give you natural feels. You start by analyzing your provided information. After the analysis, we write the reviews based on the collected information. So you can buy negative Facebook reviews without any hesitation.

Can I remove already existing negative reviews?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete any reviews on Facebook. Report it if it violates Facebook community standards.

What kind of recommendation do I get, if I buy negative Facebook reviews?

By default, you will get No recommendation. But you can choose what you want.


Negative reviews can be used as a weapon to take down your competitors or used as a weapon to build a better community around your business. Buy negative Facebook reviews to start earning more revenue to survive. Many of your competitors are already doing this to compete in the market. So you should buy purchase the negative reviews on Facebook to compete with them.


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