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Google Map Reviews make your business more trusted and popular among others. Now everyone knows Google Maps and they are trusted by seeing the reviews there. So you definitely need map reviews for your business too. Codespva Agency provides 100% secure and non-drop permanent Google Map reviews with a guarantee. Buy Google Map reviews from us with full safety. We are an experienced company that offers affordable Google Map review packages. We help you buy Google Map reviews for your business or Google Places.

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Buy google map reviews

Google map reviews are a great option for local business marketing. Marketing in google map may be wired to listen at the first time, but buying google map reviews is the finest strategy local business owners are taking to improve their reputation in the market. If you want to know more about google map review marketing or want to buy google map reviews you are at the right place. This article will take you to all the facts and unknowns about buy google place reviews. Please note that, in this writing, google map and google place will be used interchangeably.

Buy google place reviews

Say you are an owner of a local community center or a park. You should consider googling place reviews on google map for marketing. Because Places is the 100 million point of interest around the world. People search google map to search for a better place to pass their time than asking their friends and family. Buy google place reviews to attract these huge customers to your local business.

What is Google map?

Google map is a google product from which users can find routes and information about a local place. It is a street mapping service created by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, Noel Gordon, and Stephen Ma. Google Map shows satellite imagery, street views, panoramic views, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning. Besides, google maps is a great place where users search for the best pizza shop nearby or queries like that. Google map algorithm then shows the best local shop available in the region. Google map provides various options using which users can take decisions easily. One of the features like this is google map reviews.

Google map reviews is a Google Map feature that appears when users search for a business. In Google Maps, users can also post reviews about a place to let others know their opinion. Google uses these reviews to choose the best shop to show on google map.

Unlike Google search, Google Maps only shows the best local business. So it is more important in Google Map to buy google map reviews to keep your top place fixed. As Google Map always shows the top local shops/places nearby, you will get a high amount of traffic if you have lots of positive google map reviews.

Is Google map trustworthy?

You can ask before you buy google map reviews, is google map trustworthy? Yes, the google map is trustworthy. Google’s advanced algorithm always shows you the best search result. Google is a legit company. They care about their customer satisfaction and always work for it. Google is developing its algorithm every day to improve its user experience.

Yes, Google is worth our trust. Disappointed that google’s user rate is too low and ignorable. Buy google place reviews to use this trust in your marketing. If you can increase the trust of your local shop, you will get a permanent customer base.

What are Google Maps reviews?

Google Map reviews is a feature in google Maps where users and customers can review a place. It is an open feature for all, which means anyone with a google account can review a place. It doesn’t necessary to actually be in this place for writing a review. Google Map reviews show up when a user searches for a place. This review comes with a star rating with them which helps you to get the necessary impression about the place. 

People buy google map reviews to show their potential customers that the business is impressive and is able to fulfill their needs. Buying google Map reviews is really important for the newer business that doesn’t have a lot of reviews to start selling their product. Codespva always offers good quality google Map reviews at an affordable price than the other sellers out there.

Benefits of Google Map reviews.

As a business owner, Google Map reviews are your medium to earn customer trust. You may have known about word of mouth. The power of WOM is incredible. If you buy Google Map reviews, you can get all the benefits of having lots of reviews on Google Map in a short time.

  1. You will get more visitors to your shop.
  2. People read reviews before visiting a place on Google, if you have more reviews, they will choose you.
  3. Everyone, who is new in an area, uses google Map to find the best place for their stop. If you have more google Map reviews, they will choose you as their first choice.
  4. You can beat your competitors if you have more Google Map reviews.
  5. You can easily get customer trust by showing your credits.

Buy 5 star google map reviews.

5-star google map reviews will increase your review score. You might have noticed that even if you have all 5 stars, in some cases google won’t show you a sharp 5 stars. Because Google considers the review sentiments. So, it is important to have 5-star positive google map reviews. If you buy google map reviews, we will give you 5 stars with it which will increase your average review stars.

Okay, now you might be wondering how buy google place reviews help you with your marketing. Google is the name of a trust. People trust google so much that they trust anything google suggests to them or shows them. Google Map reviews are also important for your SEO performance. Google Map is great for marketing for new to old businesses, and small to large businesses. Did you know that Google has more than a billion active users daily searching for directions or places?

Ignoring this large user base of Google Map will not be good for you. Instead, use this opportunity for your business marketing. Buy google map reviews can help you in this task.

How do Google Map positive reviews help to increase your brand reach?

People read the reviews before buying anything from the internet. Online reviews are nowadays as trustworthy as they are from relatives. Most usually, people choose google as their first choice to search online. When the case is finding a local business, Google picks the results from Google Map and shows them in their search results.

Getting a higher position in Google search will give you more impressions and clicks. Using this, your brand reputation will boost exponentially. Google always shows users the most reliable information, hence user reviews and rating gets the most priority. For this reason, people buy Google Maps reviews to get a better position in google search.

As unlike google search, Google Maps directly shows the business name and their ratings, it will help you a lot if you have to top place in it. The top position result gets more clicks than others. Google’s AI generate customer text by reading the reviews using which businesses get custom comment above their pins on google map. Hence you should buy google map reviews to get all these benefits and customized tags in your business. It also means that you’ll get more customers.

How do I see reviews on Google Map?

After you buy google map reviews, or you are just a map user, here is how you can check your google Map reviews.

  • Go to from your desktop or open the Map app on your phone.
  • Search for your business.
  • Click on the business.
  • A new popup box will appear to the right (desktop) or click on the reviews tab (apps)
  • Scroll down, you can see the reviews.

Why does the buy Google Map reviews strategy affects other reviews?

Did you know people consider previous reviews before posting a review? Yes, you hear it right. Existing positive reviews give other users a positive feeling from which they get encouraged to post positive reviews. Even if they give you negative feedback, it will be constructive negative reviews instead of destructive. So, buy google map reviews can save you from the risk of negative reviews because negative reviews will decrease your sales.

The study says that 1 negative review decreased 22% the prospects of your business. You don’t wanna have “unplanned” negative reviews on your google map. Buy google place reviews to reduce the impact of the negative reviews.

Can you get paid for Google Map reviews?

No, reviewers do not get any payment for reviewing places or local businesses on Google Map. When you buy google Maps reviews, we pay our reviewers to review your local business. While Google doesn’t pay any bucks for the reviews, google gives local guides different rewards instead.

At level 0, google guides inside the scope of google’s monthly news later. They can join google hosted workshops and hang out. They can also join exclusive contests for a local guide.

At level 2, google local guides can early access different google products. They can also promote their own meetup in google’s local guide calendar.

In level 3, they will get noticed with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps. They will also be eligible to receive promotion of unofficial communities

In level 4, they can be featured on Google’s official online channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

At level 5, they will be eligible for Trusted Testing opportunities. Besides they can access google products and features before they are made public. They can also apply to attend Google’s Local Guides Level 5 summit

But getting google maps local guide to give positive feedback to your local business is hard. If you won’t succeed in no time, buy google map reviews instead.

Are Google Map reviews fake?

No, they are not fake. Most of the google local guides will give their real experience with their business. Google’s machine learning algorithm can draw boundaries between fake and genuine reviews. Google remove all fake, offensive, or irrelevant reviews so that their user can get a better experience using google map. If a business owner buys google Maps reviews, the reviews should be very carefully written and relevant. This way, google keeps it in google maps. This is why you should be careful in choosing the best review provider.

Where can you buy google map reviews?

Now you know how google map is effective for your local business marketing and you know the importance of buying it from a digital marketing agency. We are a digital marketing agency working in this for years. You can buy google map reviews from us for a cheap price. We also offer human-written genuine reviews from active google accounts. Your reviews will look completely natural to others.

Why should you buy them from us?

We are experienced. Experience matters in the world of digital marketing. We are offering you the service from a team of experienced brains. If you buy google place reviews from us, you will get the following,

  1. 24/7 dedicated support team.
  2. Real human-written reviews.
  3. Well, analysed reviews that reflect what your business is about.
  4. 100% non-drop reviews with a drop-replacement guarantee.
  5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  6. Opportunity to post your custom-written reviews.
  7. Full protection of your information.
  8. All the reviews will be posted from residential proxy IP addresses.
  9. We provide reviews from any region you want. By default, we will give you real USA-based reviews.
  10. All reviews are well analyzed. So they will give realistic looks on your business page.
  11. Well-maintained male-female ratio.

How do we write the reviews you may ask? Well, we consider your provided documentation, and websites to analyze the business first. Then We create the ideas to write the reviews then use them and post them. All of our accounts are more than years old. So, they will be more trustworthy to others. You may buy google map reviews without any risk of hassle. We can surely meet your hunger for success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is common as a customer that you have confused before buying google Map reviews. Let us provide some answers to the most common confusion.

  • Is it safe to buy the map reviews? Ans: Yes, as far as you are buying from an agency that prioritizes customer safety and maintains all safety protocols, else it will backfire on you. Codespva is always aimed at customer safety.
  • What are some other services of Codespva? Ans: As a digital marketing agency, we provide all the tools and services you need. You can also purchase Trustpilot reviews or other related products as a part of your digital marketing process.
  • How do you write the reviews? Ans: We write the reviews manually. That is we analyze your information by hand and write the review manually and also post them manually using genuine residential IPs.
  • Why should I trust Codespva? Ans: Codespva is working for many years with lot of brands. Our brands are still shining in the market. Codepva always provides a guarantee with their products and we have a large loyal customer base.


If you fail to take the opportunity of the huge user base of google map, you will lose the golden duck of your survival. Many of your competitors are already doing this for their purpose. So what is making you stay back? Buy google map reviews from us to start taking your business to a new height of success now.


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