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Are you an online business owner and you are struggling to grow your reputation or have you been in business for a long time but now business is not going well? You have many good reviews, but customers don’t want to believe them or they are in doubt But if you want a simple look for your customers then Buy bad reviews Google. Bad Google reviews will multiply your business exposure to your customers and you will be very profitable So, Buy bad reviews Google to take your business to new heights of success This is a great strategy that business owners choose to maintain their reputation and credibility among their customers. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Google review packages. We help you Buy bad reviews Google to make your business more trustworthy.

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Buy bad reviews Google

Bad reviews are one of those things that businesses have to face often. Bad reviews negatively affect the business but it is possible to convert bad reviews and use them for more sales and marketing of your business. If you want to buy bad reviews Google, you are in the right place. This article will guide you on how to buy negative reviews or bad reviews on google, and you will also know how to use them for your own good. Let’s get started.

Google is the world’s largest tech giant that is controlling the tech world. Business without google is so hard. Google my business is a google service where business owners update their business information and take reviews from the customers. The review section of the google my business page can also be used as a promoting tool by buying google reviews.

What are bad reviews google?

Bad reviews are the opinion written in text format of a customer who’s purchased service from a business and is dissatisfied with it. Bad reviews on google are an important parameter of the decision-making of your clients. Sometimes, bad reviews on others’ GMB pages will give you more clients which will increase your sales. There are “good” and bad reviews as well. This type of bad review is constructive and helps business owners to solve their existing problems which will make their customers happy. Another type of bad review directly forbids another customer not to buy a service or product. This type of bad review decreases the sales of the business and increases the sales of its competitors. You can buy bad reviews on google of both types, according to your needs.

Bad reviews on google keep their own significance. As google allows anonymous review posting, businesses can get negative reviews for random users also. Google considers bad reviews as an important criterion to measure how good a business is. Besides, Google is a popular place where users search for information about a product or business. Imagine, you want to search best coffee shop nearby, and Google will show the best coffee shop in your region. As Google shows the top 3 coffeeshops, you must read the reviews and look at the star rating to choose the best one.

Why bad reviews are important?

Everything about a business can’t be perfect. You can’t satisfy every single of your customers. So, it is completely natural to have negative reviews at a low rate. Having no negative reviews is always suspicious. So, people buy negative reviews google to give their businesses a realistic look.

The Internet is full of spammers. Spammers don’t have negative reviews at all. So if you don’t have any, people will suspect you as a spammer. So it is very important to buy bad reviews google for your google my business page.

Customers depend on different parameters before buying goods from a local shop. One of them is reviews. Do you need proof of the positive sides of the negative reviews? Be patient.

According to the Harvard business review, even bad publicity can bolster the bottom line. HBR analyzed the sales statistics of 250+ books published by the NewYork times. According to them, a positive review increases sales of a book from 32% to 52%. Negative reviews decrease sales by 15% for established writers. On the other hand, negative reviews for a not well-known writer increase the chance of sales by 45%. As a start-up business owner, you can take the same opportunity and buy google negative reviews to increase your sales.

Benefits of Bad reviews google

There are lots of benefits of bad reviews on google. As a business owner, you might think, how will they help you? Well, it is not in the usual ways, you can feel the difference. Bad reviews google is a great asset for any marketer to bring balance among the competitors.

  1. Bad reviews google save you chances by taking down your top competitors.
  2. It brings lots of customers to your shop.
  3. It helps you to give a natural look to your business pages.
  4. You can prove as an active business owner by replying to the bad reviews

Buy negative reviews

Let’s make things clear. Too many negative reviews are absolutely not good for your business. But there are some positive reviews that can also decrease your sales. “Best pizza shop” decrease your sales by 0.2%. You may wonder why.

The answer is, that a line opinion doesn’t contain any context. We love to know the story. Likewise, if a review says “good packaging” then this review will signal to others that other things of the product are not good. It can decrease your sales by 0.56% to 2%. On the other hand, good, entertaining, and constructive negative reviews can increase your sales. Buy negative reviews so that you get customized entertaining negative reviews that can increase your sales.

Buy google negative reviews

Google my business is a Google service that gives business owners the opportunity to manage their business page using which consumers can get information about a business. Buy bad reviews google is always a great strategy for business owners are choosing. As you already know, too many negative reviews are bad for a business. You can destroy your competitors by buying negative reviews of this type.

Google is a popular search engine. Thus people use google to search for the product they need to buy. Google shows the top 3 businesses nearby to a user. Users then analyze the businesses to decide which one works best for them. Here reviews come to play. You already know that bad reviews can be good for your business if it is used in such a way. Buy google negative reviews will allow you to have negative reviews that align with your plan.

Negative reviews or bad reviews have a great impact on the star rating. Google’s star rating system does not only depend on the star rating option but also depends on the sentiment of the reviews. People feel fishy if they see direct 5-star reviews. Too good isn’t good actually in most cases. Buy bad reviews google to balance it. Usually, a 4.5 to 4.7-star rating gives us a comfortable feeling with a business.

Buy bad reviews google to destroy your competitor’s growth.

Buy bad reviews google to take your competitor’s customers. Sometimes a problem arises for the new businesses which is there are already some giant competitors and they are taking all the market. Now, even if you offer the best service and products, you are not getting enough customers just because of your competitor’s reputation.

Buy negative reviews is a strategy that has the power to take the customer base of your competitors and distribute them among the best businesses. Imagine a case when all of your competitors have destructive negative reviews but you don’t have destructive reviews. Destructive reviews are those that demotivate customers to buy from a specific business. In this case, you will gain lots of new customers which will give you a chance to survive in the competition. Buy destructive negative reviews for your competitors.

Buy bad reviews google to keep balance.

Negative reviews are a part of the business. Whether you want it or not, they will appear on your google my business page. Google takes them to a new height by showing the number of bad reviews that are there for a business. You may not be getting a level playing field in the market which is not fair at all. Buy bad reviews google to create a level playing field to help your business. Buy negative reviews will help you in the following way,

  • It gives your business a realistic look.
  • It takes down your competitors and thus you can have a lot of customers.
  • Sometimes negative reviews will increase your brand reach than take it from you.
  • Negative reviews will give you a chance to develop a conversation on your GMB page.
  • Negative reviews will make your existing positive reviews more reliable.
  • Bad reviews will help you increase customer service.

How to deal with the negative reviews?

Calm down, negative reviews will not damage your reputation if you handle it correctly. Never blame your customer even if it is not your fault. Always start with an apology. Customers love to see the issues solved within a week after the review is written. Solve the issues mentioned by your customer and let him know about them. This way, other customers trust your business. Even if you buy bad reviews google for your business, you should reply to them to show other customers that you are an active business owner.

Negative reviews allow other customers to learn more about a product. If some dissatisfied customer leaves a negative review describing the problem of a service or product, other customers will know exactly when the problem is. Then if you just reply to the reviews and by mentioning the problem is fixed, customers will easily know that now the service has no problem. This way, you can get increased sales.

Now you know, that negative reviews can be good. It can be used for the good of your business. When it comes as you’ve planned, it will be the perfect weapon for the competition.

Buy negative reviews to improve your SEO

As the world’s largest search engine, Google uses many factors to rank a business webpage. One of the important factors is the google my business review score. Google values customer user experience. Google will not give a business a higher rank if they have too many negative reviews. If you buy bad reviews google for your competitors, Google will demote their SERP position and give you a higher place than them. This way bad reviews google can improve your overall SEO performance.

How do you buy bad reviews google?

Now reading everything above, you might be wondering how to buy bad reviews on google. There are many online digital marketing agencies that can help you to achieve this goal. We are a digital marketing agency working on google reviews for years. Our experienced talented team of experts will help you with every single digital marketing goal of yours.

Best site to buy google reviews.

We are the best site you can choose to buy any kind of google review. If you are interested to buy negative reviews google from us, choose your desired package from the list, and add it to your cart. Then pay for it to confirm the order. Within some hours the reviews will be started to be placed on your Google my business (GMB) page.

We provide high-quality bad reviews for your business page which will help you to increase sales. We can also provide really bad reviews google for your competitor’s page. You have to just tell it when you order from us. We also support custom review text. You can set your own reviews by yourself.

Also, we are aware of your safety. We maintain every safety protocol we need to take to protect your identity. We work in such a way that you don’t have to face any of the hassles.

All of our review accounts are more than 1-year active profile. This account is used regularly and all of them is a photo attached. We also maintain a male: female ratio to make reviews more reliable. If you buy bad reviews on google, they will be written very carefully so that you can manage them easily. We can provide the reviews from any region you want. By default, we give the real USA-based bad google reviews.

What are we offering to you?

We are offering you the best plans you can buy on the internet. We always give you review plans at cheap pricing. Customer satisfaction is more valuable to us than everything.

  • We have a 24/7 hours active support team who can help you any time you knock them.
  • Our reviews are drop-proof. Means they will unlikely to drop after we post them. If any of them drop, you will get a replacement.
  • We don’t use any bots. So you can safely buy bad reviews google from us.
  • We will give you relevant reviews. In this way, your reviews will be natural.
  • You are getting a satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can talk to our team and tell us your requirements for the reviews.

How do we write the reviews?

Google reviews the reviews that look irrelevant to other customers. So, we are always careful about what we are writing. We carefully analyze your given information about the business. At this time, we also analyze your requirements and criteria. We read the information from the given websites, documents, and existing negative google reviews so that we can get the weak sides of them.

Then we prepare the reviews in a handwritten way. We don’t use bots. Because we don’t want to feel mechanical. Robots can’t give human feelings. We use residential IP addresses for posting the reviews. We also maintain the safety gap between two reviews is posted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is some most common question we get from our customers about buying bad google reviews.

  • Is it safe to buy bad reviews on google? Ans: Yes buying google bad reviews is completely safe as soon as you buy them from us. Because we are aimed to protect our customer’s safety.
  • From which location, the reviews will be posted? Ans: We can give you reviews from every location you want using our super advanced residential proxy IPs. So order now and tell us the location you want.
  • Will you use a bot to post the google reviews? Ans: No, we do not use any bot. We trust that bot will compromise our quality, as a business we can’t let it happen.
  • What will happen if I buy bad reviews google from you? Ans: In most cases, the effect starts to take place within 24 to 72 hours. You will get lots of customer flow at your business. But for some cases, it makes takes some time. But it will work for sure.


After all, if you want to buy bad reviews google, order now from this page. Or if you have confusion, don’t forget to ask it our support team. Your competitors might already be doing this to beat you. You can also take this opportunity to win the business game. Order now, we are now offering the best deals at discounted prices for you.


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