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You have a business on Facebook and have a lot of good reviews that don’t seem natural to others. Then good reviews, as well as bad reviews, are in great need of you. So buy bad Facebook reviews now which will make your business look natural and more credible and you will profit. Buy bad reviews Facebook from us without any problem which will not harm you. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Facebook review packages. We help you buy bad Facebook reviews for more famous and profitable businesses! Read our below article for more details.

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Buy bad Facebook reviews

Facebook reviews are so essential to getting into the spotlight for your business. But sometimes, your competitors might already be so established that you have nothing to do but buy bad facebook reviews for them. This is a way that can give you a chance to prove yourself in the market. Buying bad facebook reviews is also a way to make your Facebook business page more realistic. Because nothing is absolutely perfect. If you want to buy bad Facebook reviews, you are in the right place. We are providing bad Facebook reviews service at affordable pricing. If you want to buy them for your business or learn more, the article below will guide you to the edge.

As Facebook is the world’s largest social media website, both positive and bad reviews can help your business if they can be used properly. Buy Facebook reviews from us and we will help you to achieve your goal. over 50% of the total social review comes from Facebook. So you can’t ignore Facebook for your business marketing. Make Facebook work for you instead. Buy bad reviews on Facebook to make more profit in Facebook.

What are Negative Facebook Reviews?

Negative Facebook reviews are a way customers express their bad experience with a business in a written form on the Facebook platform. It helps other people to be cautious before buying goods from this specific business. There can be two basic types of bad Facebook reviews, (1) Constructive and (2) Destructive.

Constructive reviews always help a business to improve their business whereas destructive reviews take away the customers. So if you buy bad reviews Facebook, make sure you buy constructive reviews for only yourself. For your competitors, the decision is yours.

Why do you need bad Facebook reviews?

Before buying bad Facebook reviews, you should know why should you do this. Buy bad facebook reviews doesn’t mean buying fake reviews. Suppose you have purchased many positive reviews. But did you know, that businesses with no bad reviews remind consumers about spammers? Yes, your thinking is right. Consumers, who already have experience with spammers, will not likely buy from a business with zero negative reviews. This number is not low, about 95% of consumers suspect a business of censorship or fake reviews if they don’t see any negative reviews. Buying bad Facebook reviews will make your existing positive reviews more reliable.

One important reason to buy bad Facebook reviews is to take down your competitors. Are your business not getting enough customer for your already established competitors? Then there are some good-to-know statistics for you! 94% of consumers avoid a business with too many negative reviews. So you can buy bad Facebook reviews for your competitors to take your competitor’s customers like yours.

Benefits you get if you buy bad Facebook reviews

You should not do anything without knowing what benefits bad Facebook reviews will give you. Of course, it is hard to get how bad Facebook reviews can help your business. Below is how.

  1. You can take down your competitors’ by just only buying bad Facebook reviews. So this will give you lots of customers as bounty.
  2. You can balance the ratio of negative and positive reviews, so your business page will get a more realistic look.
  3. Buy bad Facebook reviews to improve your conversation rate on your page. This approach will help you to prove yourself as an active business owner.
  4. Customers trust those businesses whose owners are active to reply to their customers.
  5. Customers love to see the problem resolved after a negative review is left. Because the human mind works that way. When you reply to a negative review telling them that issues are resolved, your customer will be confirmed that they have nothing to think about buying from you.

Besides these, there are many more benefits you will get when you buy negative Facebook reviews. Consider us as your best provider.

Buy bad reviews Facebook

Buy bad Facebook reviews to prove you are an active business owner. Did you know, that 87% of business owners don’t reply to their customers’ negative reviews? Over half of the customers expect a reply to their reviews within a week and they love to see the problem solved after reviews are written. This gives this customer positive feelings about your business. You can use this advantage if you buy bad reviews Facebook for yourself. You can take the bad reviews likewise your plan. So you can manage them easily. Reply to those reviews to earn more credibility with your potential consumers.

If you buy them to take down your competitors, it will expand your customer base by taking their customers. Consumers feel uncomfortable in those businesses that have more than four bad Facebook reviews. In our opinion, buying bad Facebook reviews for your competitors is more effective than buying some positive reviews for you.

How to respond to a bad Facebook review?

Say you have some bad Facebook reviews on your Facebook business page or you have buy bad Facebook reviews from a digital marketing agency. As the world’s largest social media website, everything spread very quickly here on Facebook. So it is mandatory to respond very carefully to bad Facebook reviews. Here are some tips to safely reply to the negative reviews and convert the negativity as your weapon.

  1. First of all, report the reviews if it violates the Facebook community standards or if it is from a fake account.
  2. If everything is okay, one of your customers just write a bad Facebook review, we know it is frustrating, take a deep breath and relax.
  3. Take every fault in you, even if it is not your fault. Never blame a customer, it makes the situation worse.
  4. Make an apology to them. If the customer leaves constructive reviews (you will get constructive bad reviews if you buy bad reviews Facebook from us), they just give you a good opportunity to prove yourself.
  5. Solve the issues marked by the bad reviewers. People love to see the issues resolved within a week. If an issue is solved in time, people will put more trust in you.
  6. Notify the customer after the issue is solved.
  7. Never let any negative reviews be ignored.

From where can you buy bad Facebook reviews?

If you finalize your description to buy bad Facebook reviews, we are here for you. You can buy well-written and processed handwritten bad Facebook reviews from us at an affordable price. We are working in this field for many years and experienced lots of Facebook updates. So, you know how to handle the situation if it arises to make trouble. We can give you a 100% non-drop guarantee to ensure our quality. We are offering you the following things,

  • We have 24/7 customer support. You can knock them in any moment you want. They can solve any problem you can be faced.
  • We are offering you 100% non-drop reviews with a reviews replacement guarantee if it drops.
  • All of our accounts are real active accounts for more than 1-year-old. You can get reviews from the accounts of any region you ask for.
  • All of our reviewers are experienced and dedicated to their work. So you will get quality reviews.
  • We write completely relevant reviews for your business. All of the reviews are handwritten. So, they will look completely natural on your business page.
  • You can give us custom review texts if you want. We will post them for you.
  • We will also guide you to achieve your marketing goals.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Buy bad reviews Facebook from us to ensure quality and success. If you are afraid of your confidential information, we are happy to assure you that, we are very serious about your information and they will transfer via an encrypted network. We already have lots of loyal customers satisfied with our services.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you maintain my safety? A- We have a dedicated safety protocol for our customers. Our team is specially trained on this.

How many days it will take for my reviews to be delivered? A- It depends on the order size. We always maintain the natural gap between the two reviews posted and slowly increase it so that Facebook does not detect any anomaly. Usually, it takes 24-72 hours.

What is the male-female ratio? By default, we keep a 60-40 male-female ratio. You can set your custom if you want.


Buy Bad Facebook reviews may seem bad in the first place, but they can be useful if it is used correctly. Negative reviews help to increase your brand reach on the Facebook platform because negativity spreads faster than positivity on social media. So for what are you waiting? Order now and use the power of negativity.


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