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Are you a business owner struggling to increase your reputation or have you just started your business and want to ensure a level playing field? Buy 5-star google reviews to push your business to a new height of success. This is a great strategy business owners choose to maintain their reputation and credibility among their customers. Ignoring the reviews may lead to the total elimination of a business from the digital world. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Google review packages. We help you buy 5-star Google reviews for your business to be more profitable.

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Buy 5 star google reviews

Before customers pay for a product, they want to know different aspects of your business, service, and quality of your product. The Internet is the most crucial medium for businesses. You can take advantage by properly utilizing it. Most customers use their smartphones to learn about a business with just a few clicks. Google is the platform of choice and trust for the consumers. Thus, google reviews automatically get is a priority over other review platforms. Buy 5 star google reviews for boosting your reputation. Statistics are saying that about 90% of your potential customer read reviews whereas 67.7% of customers are directly influenced by them. Ignoring these statistics will be devastating. Besides these, positive google reviews help you to increase your brand trust, reputation, and sales.

What are google reviews and why should you care?

90% of customers search google before buying from a business. Google review is a feature of Google made for businesses. Google reviews appear right next to your business profile in google search and google maps. By using this feature, customers share their experiences about a particular business. Google has launched its reviews feature in June 2014. Till today it is one of the most used features of Google search. Google reviews help local business owners to achieve a better impression on Google Maps and Google search. Google shows the top 3 local businesses in their google search results. These top three local businesses have most positive reputations than others. Buy 5 star google reviews to gain these amazing benefits in no time.

You won’t want to believe that your competitors are already buying google reviews to get a higher place in the google search engine. So, now your only option is to buy 5 star reviews to compete on a level playing field. Because, you know, more positive reviews imply more brand trust which means more sales and revenue.

Ways to get more 5 star google reviews

There are many ways in which you can get more 5 star google reviews. You can either ask your client for a review with 5 star rating or you can buy them. When someone visits a place/ local shop, google automatically sends them a review request in the notification of their phone. Anyone can write google reviews without the requirement of a google account. Buy 5 star google reviews is also a great choice for you. Before all of these, you have to add or claim your local business in your google business profile. To add your business, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Open google maps on your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  2. Search for your business.
  3. Scroll down then tap on “Claim this business“.

To claim your business, follow these steps:

  1. Open google maps on your android phone, or tablet.
  2. Search for your business and choose the right one you want.
  3. In the business profile, “tap  Claim this business” > I own or manage this business.
    1. If you want to choose a different business, tap I own or manage another business.
  4. Select the verification option and follow the instructions.

Completing these steps is also necessary if you want to buy 5 star google reviews. Let’s discuss the ways to get more google reviews individually.

Ask your client to write a review about your business.

This process is the most effective and time-costly process. It is one of the risky processes too. After a client/ customer purchases your product you can ask them to write a review on google. You can show them how to write a review or you can also send them a short link to write a review. To get your review short link, you have to,

  1. Signup your google business manager from your computer.
  2. Click Home from the left menu.
  3. From the get more reviews card, you can copy the short link.
  4. Share these links with your customer so that they can easily review your business.

Pros: This process is highly effective as they are directly taken from your real customers and it reflects their opinion about your service. So if the review is positive, you will get a boost in your online reputation.

Cons: There are cons in this process that’s why it is good if you buy 5 star reviews. People are too busy with their own job. They don’t save their time for you to write an aftersale review. Moreover writing is a hard thing. Also, you can’t offer any kinds of rewards for them to write the reviews because of the google policy. After all, you can’t say will it be positive or negative. If somehow it is negative, then a single review is enough to destroy your earned reputation in a moment.

How does google review requests via notification work?

A google maps user automatically receives notifications that ask them to review their recently visited place. In this way, if your customer visits your local shop, you can get a review if everything favors you. But, like the first way, it is also inefficient and takes lots of time.

Provide excellent customer service

You have to bring excellency in your customer service. If your customer becomes satisfied with your customer service, sometimes negative google reviews are converted to positive sentiments. Also, customers will get more encouraged to post positive reviews.

Buy 5 star google reviews instead.

It is always a favorite choice for local business owners. Because You won’t be able to attract your customers without a reputation when your competitors already have their reputations. Buy google reviews from a trusted agency like us to boost your credibility and sales. Buying google reviews is the only fast way to get all of the advantages of having reviews. This technique has lots of pros when cons are limited. The only risk arises when you buy google reviews from an inexperienced seller. Because if reviews feel fake, it will drop your reputation instead of booming it. Buy 5 star reviews from us.

What is a 5 star google review?

In this paragraph, I’ll tell you what is a 5 star review and how the google review score algorithm calculates review scores. You will be surprised by knowing that the review score also known as an average rating is not directly based on the mathematical average of the stars. It is calculated using different parameters like the sentiment of the reviews in your business profile and reviews from other review sites like yelp. Hence even if all of your customers give you a 5 out of 5 ratings, your review score or average star will be like 4.8 or something like that. This is the reason positive reviews are most important. 48% of customers, won’t look twice if the business page has a rating less than 4 stars.

Now you know why reviews are so important to have a higher star rating. You have to earn lots of positive reviews in any way possible to get a star rating of 4 to 5 in between. If you take this service from us, we will give you a five star before posting the reviews ensuring a higher star rating for you.

Buy google 5 star reviews.

Having a positive brand image is important when you are a local business owner. Because of this buy 5 star reviews are getting so much hype. You can achieve a positive brand image in a few ways. Buying reviews is a great choice to earn your credibility and brand trust. In this way, you can maximize your reach to your targeted users for free! Because customer reads online reviews before purchasing any goods.

Will you buy anything for yourself or your family without knowing anything? I guess not. No one will. People ask every time to their relative about a product before they buy it. Now it is 2022, almost everyone has access to the internet. People search the internet instead of going to the real people. Reviews are trusted as much as a recommendation from a close relative. 79% of buyers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation. Moreover, just a single negative review is enough to decrease your sales. 54.7% of customers read at least four reviews before they buy anything. If you are a startup, Buy 5 star reviews can be a crucial step for your business and can bring you to the flow.

People nowadays have access to tons of reviews from various online portals like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Tripadvisor. People are so interested in reading reviews that Yelps gets 178 million unique visitors monthly. So, isn’t it too risky to ignore reviews? Buy 5 star reviews to attract this large flood of potential customers.

Google reviews automatically get their significance when the name is Google. People trust google very much. Because Google is already a giant it has nothing to get to give. Moreover, google are continuously giving service for many years and it is proven to be safe in google. Google is using its google review feature in its maps and search services. Being the world’s largest search engine and map service provider, local businesses with tons of positive reviews take the advantage of being google’s favorite.

Benefits you get when you buy 5 star google reviews.

There are lots of benefits of having a good amount of positive google reviews. An efficient way to have these positive reviews is to buy them from efficient review providers like us. If you buy them, it will save you lots of time which you can invest in another important task. Buying the reviews will enable you to have reviews of your choice. In this way, every step will be as you planned whereas taking the reviews from your customers is risky. Negative reviews can hamper your growth in a second. Because negativity spreads faster than positivity on the internet.

  • If you just started your business, buy google 5 star reviews to give your business page a realistic look.
  • Buying google reviews will give you the initial boost to your credibility to compete with your competitors.
  • Attention is everything. Customers will not be attracted to you if you do not have enough positive reviews and an average review score.
  • 5-star reviews make the positive reviews more realistic to the customers.
  • More 5-star positive reviews will increase your customer conversion rate. It is not complex math that will increase your business revenue.
  • As people love to read reviews, buy 5 star reviews to increase the number of reviews on your GMB page. Positive reviews also encourage your customer to better the branding of your business.
  • Also, you can buy negative google reviews for your competitors.

There are many more benefits of having a good amount of 5 star google reviews. So buy 5 star google reviews from an experienced agency with expert reviewers.

How 5 star google reviews impacts your online appearance?

We’ve discussed the importance of buying 5 star reviews to increase your customer, credibility, and reputation. Now in this section, I’ll discuss google’s internal things one of which is your SEO.

Google always cares about its users and their experience. So, Google will not show any untrustworthy service or bad service on its first page. Also, when a user searches for ‘best pizza shop nearby’, in google maps or search, Google will always show the one with the best reviews and ratings first. Google maps usually show only the best ones. Google search results show the best three. Whatever the case, you always want to be in the first position. Let us focus on how google calculates the rank of a local business based on different criteria so that you understand why it is so important to buy google 5 star reviews.

Google uses an algorithm like the bayesian average. Google considers different factors to calculate the rank of a local business. There are two types of local business ranking. (1) Local pack and (2) Local SEO. The local pack ranking is specially made for the google business profiles whereas the traditional blue link that leads to the website is local organic. Local organic results usually come after the local pack results and local pack result is most important for a local business.

Google’s business profile contributes 36% of the weight on Local Pack rankings. Review signals contribute 17% of the weights in the Local pack ranking. On the other hand, for Local SEO factors, Good GMB profiles contribute 6% and reviews contribute 5% of the total ranking factors. Other ranking factors are on-page, links, behavioral, citations, and personalization. They are common in both and fill the rest of the factors.

How to buy 5 star google reviews?

Positive reviews are statements from your customer that says and encourage others to buy your service. Buy 5 star reviews can be done by following some easy steps. It will be updated in up to 3 days.

Ask yourself: First of all, you have to ask yourself the type of reviews you want for yourself. It is an important part. Because you have to know your purpose. You can buy positive reviews by default and you can also buy negative reviews for others. Positive Google reviews will help you to take you up where the negative reviews can bring anyone down. 4 reviews are enough to reduce the conversion rate by 70%. You can also target the location of the consumers you are targeting. In this case, you have to tell to us. We can give you reviews from any region you want. This technique especially helps you to promote your business in your desired region.

Choose the right agency: Then you have to choose an agency that provides 5-star google review service. You can choose us as we are giving this service for years with trust. Then you have to choose your plan and add it to your cart. But before the payment, make sure that the agency you choose can do it perfectly. Because Google is good at detecting paid reviews. Any mistake can cause trouble for your business. After you choose a suitable provider, pay for it. Easy steps.

However, you have to know why it is so important to be careful when you choose the correct provider for you. Google policy forbids paying bulks for the reviews. If Google can detect these kinds of reviews, they are likely to drop them from the list. Also, google can permanently remove your business page. So be careful when you buy 5 star google reviews. Because it is not only Google but also your customer will lose faith in you if they can sense anything by reading the poor reviews. Besides, Everyone is not honest. So it is highly recommended to buy 5 star reviews from us because we have a larger lower customer base with 98% of customer satisfaction.

Choose the plan that suits you: Now you have to choose the right review plan for you. Make sure the provider provides this package at the correct pricing. Because best providers try to price their plans competitively. Add the plan to your cart.

Pay for the plan: Now you can pay for your cart. A good agency usually starts working on the plan as soon as possible.

Why you should buy 5 star google reviews from us?

We are claiming our supremacy in google review selling. Because experience matters. We are a team of efficient digital marketers and reviewers working together to give you an awesome experience when you purchase from us. We will work with you until you can satisfy with our services. All of our reviews are handwritten and realistic which gives your customer natural feelings. We are offering you our elegant 24/7 hours of customer service. They will help you with any kind of problem or queries. If you purchase 5 star google reviews from us, we are offering you the following.

  1. Fast delivery of the reviews by maintaining the safety interval.
  2. Our reviews will never drop. We are offering you a 100% drop replacement guarantee in case any bad luck happens.
  3. 24/7 hours of customer support.
  4. A customer dashboard using which you can manage your orders.
  5. We will stop until you are satisfied. We will never leave you midways.
  6. We will post 5 star google reviews from the locality you want. By default, we post it from the USA region’s residential IP addresses.
  7. All the reviews will be posted from active google accounts with different devices.
  8. You can suggest us to write reviews of your choice.

We believe in quality over quantity. So we will always provide you with completely human-written reviews that look completely natural. As we are always aware of the google algorithm changes, we know how to handle different situations. By putting a safety gap between the review posting, reviews will look real. Buy 5 star google reviews and we will protect all of your confidential information. Our monthly surveys tell that we have 98% customer satisfaction.

Can you purchase negative google reviews?

Yes, you can purchase negative google reviews. Buy google 5 star reviews helps your business where you can buy negative google reviews for your competitors. Negative Google reviews on your competitor’s GMB page help your business to take customers of your competitors. In this way, you can maintain a level playing field. But, when you purchase negative google reviews, make sure you choose constructive reviews. Because they will not destroy your competitor’s business instead they will give you customers from their base. If you need it. Let us know when you buy them.

How do we prepare the reviews for you?

After order placement, our team starts working on your order instantly. We always follow these steps before writing the reviews.

  • Information collection: Buy 5 star google reviews worth it. We analyze the information you’ve given us (Your business website, documents, Facebook page, GMB page, etc) and note all information we get is useful. We also read already posted reviews if you have any to get an overall impression of what your business is all about.
  • After that, we check your competitors.
  • Then we prepare the reviews using the information we collected. For the information we’ve collected previously, our reviews always look real. All the reviews are written by humans. You can always suggest to us how to write the reviews and also you can give us the custom reviews. We will post them for you.
  • Then the reviews are posted using residential IP addresses with photos attached to real active accounts. We also keep time-gap (safety gap) between two reviews so that your customer feels comfortable reading these.

Why do Google reviews drop?

According to google, google reviews should reflect a genuine user experience. Reviews should be related and content must not look spammy. Google reviews can also be deleted if the algorithm detects them as fake. Not only google but also every review posting platform does the same. That’s why it is important to buy 5 star reviews from an experienced agency like us.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a safety gap? A: A safety gap is a safe time taken between two reviews being posted. We maintain it to keep the naturalism of the reviews.

Q: When do my order will be delivered? A: We start working on your order instantly. However, your order can take 24 hours to 7 days based on your order size.

Q: Is it safe to buy 5 star google reviews? A: Yes, it is safe as far as you buy them from experienced professionals. We have years of experience in this field. So don’t worry. Order and chill.

Q: What types of accounts will be used for the reviews? A: We always use the photo attached to real active accounts to post the reviews. All of our google accounts are active for more than 1 year. We also maintain the male-female ratio in your reviews. You can suggest any ration if you want.

Q: Can I delete negative google reviews from my GMB page? A: No, you can’t. Google does not allow business owners to remove the reviews.

Q: Why is my review score is not updating? A: As stated earlier, the review score is calculated not only based on the star rating but also on reviews. If everything is okay. Don’t panic. Google takes some time to update it (up to 3 days).


Buy google reviews are the best marketing strategy nowadays. When digital advertisements are not getting enough engagement, buy 5 star google reviews is showing business owners an opportunity to stand a chance with their competitors. You can promote your business and earn more sales by buying positive google reviews. If your GMB page has negative reviews buy 5 star reviews to reduce the negativity. After all, buying google reviews is worth it.


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