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Are you a business owner struggling to grow your reputation or have you been in business for a long time but now business is not going well? You have many 5 star reviews, but if you want a natural look for your customers, buy 1 star Google reviews. 1 star Google review will increase your business exposure to your customers manifold and you will be very profitable. So, buy 1 star Google reviews to push your business to new heights of success. This is a great strategy that business owners choose to maintain their reputation and credibility among their customers. We are an experienced company (codespva) that offers affordable Google review packages. We help you buy 1-star Google reviews to make your business more trustworthy.

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Buy 1 star google reviews

This article will show you how to buy 1 star google reviews and the consequences it made on your local business. Many people don’t know why they should consider buying the bad reviews on google where without buying the positive reviews. The answer is not so complex. If you buy positive reviews, then you should buy 1 negative review. It gives your GMB page a natural look. Another reason to buy fake google reviews is to take down your competitors and take the chance of level playing the game.  Buy real google reviews with 1 star to create your luck yourself. Negativity does not always have to be bad. Not all negative reviews reduce your customer. Some negative reviews will help you to show your business to your customers as an active business. Because if a customer sees you fix a situation suggested by a negative review, he or she will trust you and will be encouraged to buy from you.

If you are here to buy 1 star google reviews, you are at the right place. We are providing buy real google reviews services with years of experience. The remaining article will show you different aspects of the 1 star google reviews.

What are 1 star google reviews?

1 star google reviews are the key to taking down your competitors to balance in the market. It is a bunch of text that expresses negative experiences about a business. Also, 1 star google reviews come with a 1-star, which reduces the star rating.

Buy 1 star google reviews can also help you as a business owner. Because, sometimes when you buy positive google reviews, your star rating will suddenly increase and it is necessary to balance it. You never want to look suspicious before your customers. 1 star google reviews are all you need.

Why it is helpful to have 1 star google reviews in a low amount?

Everything is not perfect. There is no perfect business in the world. So, business owners face negative reviews which are not bad in all cases. There are 5 types of negative reviews people give a business. They are listed below.

  1. To directly tell others not to buy from a business.
  2. To help others to make their buying decisions.
  3. To help a business to fix a problem that might not be in their awareness.
  4. To criticize a business.
  5. To tell others how their expectations are unmet.

Buy 1 star google reviews because negative reviews make good things for your business if you have 3 and 4 types of reviews. If you solve the problems they’ve told in their reviews, it will end up making them trust your business. Because it shows them that your business is always actively working to meet the demand of your client.

Can you buy fake google reviews?

No. Buying fake reviews is illegal. Fake reviews are a problem for business owners. Because in google, any reviews go live instantly after the submission. As Google is a third-party site, it does not allow business owners to remove the reviews. Buy real Google reviews instead. Although paying for the reviews is also forbidden by google policies, it is completely safe when you buy it from an experienced provider like us.

When you buy 1 star google reviews, we will collect the negative side of the business from the already posted reviews and given documents. So our reviews will be relevant hence they will not be fake reviews. We give real google GMB reviews by real human reviewers and active google accounts.

Benefits of 1 star google reviews.

You will amaze knowing about the ways how 1-star reviews work for you. Now we will try to explore some of the benefits you will get will you purchase 1-star google reviews.

Buy 1 star google reviews to take down your major competitors.

It is not uncommon that a business is not getting customers just because its competitors have a better reputation even if your product is better than theirs. To survive this situation, you must buy good reviews on google or you have to buy google bad reviews with 1-star ratings for your competitors. Even if it seems unfair, you have to do it for your survival.

People always research the reviews on google before buying any goods. If they see a negative review on your competitor’s page, they are likely to go search for an alternative local business. Using this method, you can claim the clients of your competitors as yours. Buying 1 star google reviews will help you to maintain good competition with your competitors in this way.

How negative google reviews instantly increase your customers.

Single or two negative reviews on your competitor’s GMB page is enough to decrease their clients. Where the clients will go? there is you who have positive reviews. So they will choose you as the best alternative. It will be your turn to show your potential. Sometimes buy 1 star google reviews works better than buying good google reviews for your business. But, always try to buy constructive google bad reviews because it will not destroy your competitors rather it will give you a chance to show your clients what are you offering.

Pay for bad reviews on google.

Now you know, paying for the 1 star google reviews is worth it. If you buy it, it will give you more revenue in return. Business is competition. Today’s words have no secret also we have no unique business. There is a competitor who is already managed to be in a higher place than you. You should take him down for some to help yourself go up.

Can you remove negative google reviews that you don’t want?

There can be negative reviews on your GMB page, that you don’t want because they are left by some of your competitors’ minions or a client who faced an unexpected situation where you had nothing to do.

Google not allow businesses to remove any review from their GMB page by themself. Negative reviews can be removed by requesting google by reporting the reviews. This process is time-consuming. It is better to buy positive google reviews to eliminate the negative impacts of negative reviews.

Sometimes your competitors might also buy negative reviews for taking down your business. You have to buy 1 star google reviews for them or 5-star positive google reviews for you if this thing happened to you. This way, you can reduce the impacts of this.

How does google understand 1 star google reviews?

Google is using AI for this purpose. They have access to all of the reviews posted on your GMB page. Google read them collects the sentiment of the texts using some natural language processing method. moreover, a 1-star rating in the bad reviews automatically says google about what may be the sentiment of the review.

However, if you buy 1 star google reviews that tell others not to buy from a business, it will end up destroying your competitors. It is recommended to never do this. If you do, the following May happens to your competitors.

  • As surveys say that about 86% of customers will not purchase goods from a business with negative reviews. It means they are going to lose 86% of customers.
  • 72% of people say that reviews make them trust a business. So it means people will lose their trust in your competitors for the destructive reviews. So they will likely choose you as the best business.

How you should deal with 1-star reviews on the GMB page?

Sometimes, you might get a negative review from a customer. Face it. Getting negative reviews is not mean your business is bad. Reply to the reviews. Never try to blame your customers even if it is not your fault. If the negative reviews are constructive type, take their suggestion. Fix the problem. Let them know by the replies that the problem is fixed. In this approach, you can still prove yourself to your customer as active business owners and they will still get enough reason to trust you.

How to buy 1 star google reviews?

Got your reason to buy it? It is fine. You can buy them from us. We are an agency with years of experience. We’ve faced lots of Google algorithm updates and we know how to safely deliver the reviews. If you want to buy it from us, choose your plan and then add it to your cart. Pay for it. We will deliver the reviews to your target GMB page.

Reasons to choose us.

We are the best digital marketing agency you can find on the internet. Experience matters. We believe in quality than quantity. We’ve achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate. You will never regret buying 1 star google reviews from us. We are offering you the following.

  • Our customer support is 24/7 hour online. Contact our support team with any of your problems.
  • We offer all kinds of plans for your service.
  • We are always aware of your information. Your safety is your concern.
  • We will write the reviews using phone verified accounts. These accounts are an active minimum of 1 year.
  • We will post the reviews from your desired location. We use residential IP addresses to post the reviews. So it looks completely natural.
  • To maintain a more natural look, we put a safety gap.
  • We use both male and female profiles to post the reviews.
  • All the accounts are photos attached with their real name.

Question: How do you write the 1-star reviews?

We write the 1-star reviews by analyzing the information given by you. You can tell us this information using the note or message. You can also give us customer reviews to post. By default, we collect the negative sides of a business from already existing reviews, their website, and other online sources.

Buy google reviews cheap.

Yes, We are offering real google reviews, 1 star google reviews at cheap affordable pricing. Codespva always tries to maintain affordable pricing for customers. We will not let you regret and you will get what you are paying for. 

We will not use any negative review bot.

A bot can never (well till now) reach human-level accuracy. So Our whole process is manual. Negative reviews bot is a kind of software program that is used to post bad google reviews. We will not allow any bot on our team. We always want to ensure human-level quantity. Reviews are written by real people and posted using the touch of the human finger. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to buy 1 star google reviews? Yes, it is safe if you buy from an experienced agency. They can handle any situation. We are an experienced agency having teams of genius digital marketers.

How can I detect real or fake reviews? There is no way to tell it. Also, it is hard for google itself.

Will my reviews drop? No, our reviews will never drop. We are offering you a drop replacement guarantee.

When will my order be completed? As soon as you pay. we start working on it. We collect data to write the reviews. It may take 24 to 72 hours for your order to be completed, depending on the order size.


The Internet makes business more competitive. Information is traveling on the internet at every moment. Buy 1 star google reviews to increase your sales and maintain the level playing game with your competitors. It is required to survive. Also, buy 1 star google reviews to maintain a natural look on your GMB pages.


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